Ultrack Stopwatch
Ultrack Stopwatch

Ultrack Stopwatch

Ultrack stopwatches are recognizable by their easy-to-read large display and simple layout. You can get true sports timers–the kind that counts up from zero to times races, for instance–or countdown alarms for the final buzzer at sporting events. Ultrack stopwatches are no-frills stopwatches that are practical because they are easy to use and have large digital readouts.

You can’t miss an Ultrack timer. It’s nothing but a wide viewing screen inside a compact square design. Many come with a magnetic back clip–these come in handy when you’re baking batches of muffins every 20 minutes. Set the timer to countdown, pop the muffins in, and stick the stopwatch right on the oven door.


Even Squares Love Ultrack Stopwatches

Ultrack stopwatches stand out in a crowd. For one thing, they are a unique shape: while most stopwatches are either old-school-round or bulky rectangular things, these are almost perfectly square. With their large window that takes up almost their entire size, they look like they’re as big as they need to be. The buttons are practical and unobtrusive to the stripped-down design.

Your choice of stopwatch really depends on what you plan to do with it. Track coaches may want more functional models that have multiple-timing capabilities, for instance. Ultrack may not have all the bells and whistles of some more expensive brands, but if all you need is a simple timer/countdown alarm, be a square and look at theirs.

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