Timex Sport Watch
Timex Sport Watch

Timex Sport Watch

Timex sport watches keep you on time when you’re on the run . . . or underwater. Timex has been known for quality and durability for generations, and their current selection of watches and sports timers is no different. Whether it’s a rugged analog model for diving or one radio-controlled from an atomic clock, Timex sport watches are as individual as you are.

Timex has a wide selection of watches, from children’s designs to fashionable styles, but they are most famous for their durable models for more active lifestyles. Timex sport watches run the gamut, from military-style analog watches without any bells and whistles, to digital personal organizers that connect to your computer with Data Link–a system that lets you program your watch through your PC. Timex Ironman watches think they are Personal Data Assistants: they have 200 alarms, can hold hundreds of phone numbers, and have multiple timer and countdown functions.


There Is A Timex Sports Watch for Everyone

The wide face of a diver’s watch may look perfect on a man’s wrist, but what about something for female athletes? Timex has a great array of stylish sport watches without the bulk of some earlier models. Their ladies marathon watch, for example, is a slimmer, more fashionable stopwatch that even has a pulse calculator.

Timex also has special watches for divers–water-resistant, with easy-to-read back-lit faces–and others designed just for runners. Their digital sport watches have that famous Timex timing (down to the 100th of a second) and multiple functions including split timing, lap counters, alarms, time zone settings, and bar graph indicators. For the serious fitness buff, Timex has watches with heart rate monitors to make sure your workouts are on track such as the Timex Ironman.

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