Timex Ironman Watches
Timex Ironman Watches

Timex Ironman Watches

Timex Ironman watches are as tough as they sound; many are water-resistant up to 200 meters! More than just digital timers, Timex sport watches are rugged minicomputers that can take the abuse of Ironman marathons–swimming, biking, and running–and still keep accurate time, as well as many other racing and fitness functions. There are dozens of Timex Ironman watches to choose from, with a wide array of functions and styles including watches that upload to your computer or ones with GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) transceivers.

The old Timex tagline–they take a licking and keep on ticking–has become a part of our cultural heritage. Timex has made the most durable sport watches for decades, and today’s Timex Ironman watches continue this tradition with improved technological advancements. Still tough and long-lasting, still easy to view and operate, the newer Timex models have all the multiple functions and other advantages that digital technology provides.


What Can’t Timex Ironman Watches Do?

Since the advent of microprocessors, common objects like irons and coffeemakers can be programmed to do almost anything. Timex watches are no exception: they can track you down from a satellite, finding the distance you’ve traveled and your speed; organize and upload all sorts of personal data to your computer; count your heart rate and alarm you when you fall beneath a given pulse; calculate the calories you’ve burned; and much more. Whatever fitness statistic you want to track, Timex can help.

Americans are more concerned about fitness now than just about any other time–as a country, we are the unhealthiest on the planet. Aside from a healthy diet, the simplest way to regain our health is through exercise. Timex Ironman watches let you exercise any way you choose and help monitor your progress by measuring your exercise time, heart rate, distance traveled, or any other statistic.

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