What’s the best Citizen Nighthawk watch?

Citizen-Nighthawk UK-CA0295-58E

Anyone who’s familiar with these watches would be aware of how difficult it is to narrow down upon a single watch from the Citizen’s Nighthawk line. It’s almost akin to squeezing water from a stone, we think.

That said, we are in a great mood today. We are ready to put our ‘watch savant’ credentials on the line and grab the bull by the horns.


The Citizen Nighthawk is hands down for the uninitiated, one of the most exemplary lines of watches from the Citizen brand. Largely inspired from the classic pilot watches of yore, it has been reinvented & refined repeatedly until it gained some contemporary, everyday credentials.

That does not mean that it shed its aviator lineage, mind you. Far from it. This is still a Pilot’s watch at heart. But a generous dose of modern styling allows you to effortlessly carry this in a plethora of ambiances.

All said and done, let’s get down to business, shall we? Here’s our pick of the top two Citizen Nighthawk Watches. Strap in and enjoy the flight.

Citizen Nighthawk CA0295-58E

Our first pick is the Citizen Nighthawk CA0295-58E, with its all-black, almost tactical appeal. This watch often draws mixed reactions from even seasoned watch collectors. The bold design and the discrete aesthetic finds favor amongst Gen Z & Millennials.

More old-school watch savants feel that the lack of luminance limits its utility somewhat. For us, that wasn’t reason enough to overlook this fine timepiece that boasts of the perfect balance between class and casual.

The Design

The Nighthawk CA295-58E is built like a rock. We know that it’s a cliché. But, if there was ever a place where it deserved a mention, it’s this.
It features an ion-plated stainless steel body that can tackle pretty much everything.

There are a few concerns about ‘coatings’ getting scuffed up in no time. But in all the while that we have dealt with Citizens, we haven’t faced such a problem. The glass is a hardened mineral crystal, which should remain relatively scratch-free for a long time.

The clasp is a conventional fold-over one, with a push-button safety catch to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally slip off. It has a 42mm diameter case that’s 13mm thick and weighs 6.08 ounces. While it does have heft, it never seems overbearing.

The Tech

The Citizen Nighthawk CA295-58E does not boast of fancy tech, apart from Eco-Drive technology. The watch captures any type of light and converts it into energy if you are new to this.

That’s indoor light, fluorescent light, anything. In other words, you never need to be concerned about swapping batteries, because it does not feature one.

As long as you have access to light, the watch will work. Other than this, it comes with a fully functional 3-dial chronograph & a Japanese quartz movement system. Oh, in case you fancy landing your airplane in the water, it’s water-resistant to 200M.

What we like about it

Versatile design – We can pair it with a variety of outfits and wear it from the ballroom to the beach without breaking a sweat

Solid construction – This is one of the sturdiest designs that we’ve ever seen. Stainless steel all-around hardened mineral glass and ion-plated.

Eco-Drive – You cannot go wrong with Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology. The watch will probably outlast the wearer

Value for money – The watch offers enough features and versatility to compare it with many higher-priced models.

What could be better

The only gripe that someone could have with this is the lack of readability in low light or in pitch darkness. But if that’s a concern, then this isn’t the watch for you. Everything’s black. That includes the dial and the hands.


Top-quality Citizen Nighthawk that doesn’t break the bank. Built like a tank, very functional, and incredibly sturdy. Hard to go wrong with it.



 Citizen Nighthawk Promaster BX1010-53E

Citizen Nighthawk BX1010-53E

The Promaster Series recently celebrated 30-years of existence. That kind of ongoing appeal in a fickle market such as this is unrivaled. Collectors familiar with the range would be aware that it’s always been the adventurer’s go-to choice, offering some professional-grade functionalities, be it for diving, or climbing.

Now, with the Promaster Nighthawk, you get some contemporary styling, without cutting corners with the tech specs.

The Design

The Citizen Nighthawk Promaster BX1010-53E features a classic design with a modern re-imagination. It retains the largish 44mm case, the simplistic screw-down crown and case back, and the brushed stainless steel bracelet with a push-button buckle. But that’s where the minimalism ends.

You’ll instantly notice the outer bezel that pops out at 12.5mm. The cuts are angular and the design is almost industrial, which we believe is an ode to aviation hardware. Unlike a typical Promaster, the dial isn’t busy at all.

The knurling provides ample grip but is not aggressive at all. Ditto with the crown at 3 O Clock, which is maybe a feather too long, but gives you great purchase every time you handle it. Come night time, the luminance comes alive, making it a very practical choice too.

The Tech

Functionality-wise, the BX1010-53E is one of the more basic Nighthawks that features 26 time zones & a perpetual calendar. This means that you get to set world time as well as Daylight Saving Time (DST). That’s not necessarily a bad feature list though.

Time and again, we get swayed by a watch that’s crammed to the brim with features that we are never going to use anyway. At least, the world time and DST functions can be pretty useful for a wide range of applications.

This is an eco-drive watch by the way, that runs for up to 180-days on a full charge. Any kind of light recharges it. So, no more batteries.

What we like about it

Classic Styling

The BX1010-53E is the classic Promaster. It features the time-tested black dial & while hour hands/numerals combo that will be visible even in low light. There’s a good luminescence. The brushed steel bracelet is versatile enough to pair with a plethora of outfits. In a nutshell, it’s the Jack of all trades.

Practical Functionalities

– While it doesn’t boast of the tech-chops that some of its meatier siblings do, it’s one of the most practical feature lists. You won’t get lost dealing with multiple crowns and GMT dials. It’s basic. But it’s very useful.


– The BX1010-53E comes with a 5-year warranty in the UK.

Verdict – The Promaster Nighthawk BX1010-53E is Citizen’s attempt at bridging the gap between a specialized watch and an everyday carry watch. The minimalistic styling will appeal to the purists, while the affordable price tag makes it a great choice for the modern shopper.


We love our Citizen Nighthawks. But as is generally the case with watches, chances are that you absolutely hate these models and have your own personal favorites.
Irrespective of that, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Do write in the comments box below and let us know your experiences & preferences with Citizen  Nighthawk watches.

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