Stopwatches have developed eye appeal since the days of the single push-button chrome model. Accusplit makes the Pro Survivor in six delectable colors: black, smoke, aqua, cherry, lemon, lime. This company declares it is the "Stopwatch Company of the World," and it is easy to accept when you take a look at its latest versions.

In fact, Accusplit has been a leader since 1971, which is a lot of experience making top-notch stopwatches. The Pro Survivor has many valuable features–cumulative split and split release action, to name just two. It also registers first/second fast finishes, has a time range of 24 hours, and provides the time of day and date. One of the most important functions is a no-fail switch.

Stopwatches in Other Accessories

Freestyle also makes excellent stopwatches. The Starter and Sidekick models offer Freestyle's renowned ruggedness that makes their products long-lasting regardless of the rigors of outdoor use. The Starter has a 30-lap memory, split function, and Night Vision display. Sportline makes complex watches; the Alpha 470 times, memorizes, and recalls 100 cumulative and lap splits.

Many other fitness accessories have incorporated stopwatch functions into their products. Some pedometers and heart rate monitors have this feature in multi-function instruments. Some Sportline and Accusplit pedometers, for example, include a stopwatch function along with calculating steps and calories burned, distance, and pulse rate.

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