Seiko Stopwatches

Seiko stopwatches do it all: time your events, recall previous sets of data, and even print out the results. Seiko's precision stopwatches are more than just digital timers, they can create countdowns for sporting events, time multiple racers or laps, and keep records and times accessible. And they do all that with Seiko's famous accuracy.

If you are a swim coach, for instance, and you wanted to monitor your squad's improvement over the season, get a stopwatch and begin timing them. Either record their scores on a chart or store them within the stopwatch itself and print them out later. Some Seiko stopwatches even measure strokes per minute–perfect for your group of swimmers.


Printing from Seiko Stopwatches

A couple of Seiko stopwatches contain ports to let you connect to a mini-printer, and the S149 model comes with a printer already built in. These printers are great if you need a physical record of an event such as a race or just for training purposes. The read-out list the date and time, too, so you'll have an exact record of whatever you were timing.

Seiko also has a great wristwatch for runners that tells the time, stores 300 lap times, and then exports all the data into your computer's spreadsheet program. This watch has a fully operational calendar, daily alarms, and a countdown timer. And since it's waterproof, the only time you'll take it off is when you're uploading your data to your PC.

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