Robic Stopwatch
Robic Stopwatch

Robic Stopwatch

Robic stopwatches can go on your wrist, around your neck, on right on your clipboard–one of their models is right for your needs. For less than a Jackson, you can pick up a single event stopwatch, or spend more and get one of their high-precision stopwatches that lets you time three events at once. If you plan to do any interval training, from walking to jazzercise, sports timers are the best way to keep your eye on the time.

Robic has a number of different kinds of stopwatches, but their most popular are probably their hand-held models. They perform all sorts of specific functions like lap counting, split times, or a simple countdown to zero. Some Robic stopwatches are backlit, some have memory recall of previous times, and some record your laps, miles, and high speeds.


Other Unique Robic Stopwatches

Robic produces other stopwatches that are even handier than their hand-held models. The lap memory wrist stopwatch keeps tabs on 30 separate events and has countdown and alarm features–and it’s a great waterproof watch. You can also get hands-free Robic stopwatches on your clipboard; time your events and record the scores then and there. It has a calculator and all sorts of great timing functions.

Robic’s popular hand-held models are clearly labeled and designed to be easy to operate. Also, they are simple to view; with large numbers on a widescreen, you won’t have to squint again. For stopwatches and countdown clocks with alarms–perfect for sporting events or baking cookies–Robic uses a loud signal that you’re sure not to miss.

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