Medical Alarm Watches
Medical Alarm Watches

Medical Alarm Watches

Medical alarm watches are particularly useful for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive degeneration of the neurons in the brain controlling movement. Often the patient may have difficulty keeping up with the time of day. A medical watch with a reminder of the medication and dosage to take is very helpful. It can give the caregiver a break from constantly watching the clock.

Medical alarm watches come in a variety of styles. Some vibrate, some have an alarm and vibration, some have only an alarm with a text reminder. These can be programmed with the medication information or any other specific daily reminder needed. This is helpful for diabetics to remind them to do glucose testing at specific times throughout the day. Monitoring glucose levels in some patients means the difference between having a good day or going into a diabetic coma.


The Technology of Medical Alarm Watches

Many of the medical watches have the capacity to program information regarding medical history, blood type, medications, and a list of contacts in case of an emergency. Some watches have a button to push to initiate an emergency call. This works in much the same way as the pendant worn by many in case of an accident or injury.

Watches with a GPS locator are great for any type of patient with the potential for wandering off. This technology makes it possible to identify a location within minutes. This same watch can be used to summon help. All the wearer needs to do is hold two buttons down for three seconds and help is on the way. Maintaining independence is important for the mental health of the elderly. The latest technological advances of medical alarm watches are making it safer than ever for seniors to enjoy independent living.

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