Mechanical Stopwatches
Mechanical Stopwatches

Mechanical Stopwatches

Mechanical stopwatches evoke an earlier, analog time when stopwatches looked like pocket watches and had a sweeping hand that made its way around the face of the clock. Although not as functional as some more modern precision stopwatches, they are accurate enough for simple uses that don’t require multiple timings. u won’t need all the bells and whistles of a high-tech digital stopwatch for races, science experiments, and miscellaneous industrial tests.

Bodytronics carries a few mechanical stopwatches that have that classic pocket watch look: a steel case with a few long buttons and a ring for a chain or cord. They look just like your grandfather’s watch, except without a cover for its face. And they’re built like an old watch, with a durable jewel mechanism for a long lifetime.


Mechanical Stopwatches Are Best for Single Events

Because mechanical stopwatches only time one event at a time, their use is limited. But there are plenty of times that teachers, coaches, or scientists need to time students, training intervals, or experiments in a non-competitive format. If you will be timing multiple events, such as laps or split times, you’ll need a digital stopwatch with more than a single timing mechanism.

With Americans’ health levels as poor as they are, it’s no surprise many people are beginning to try new exercise programs. A pocket watch of any kind is a great tool for interval training, such as for walkers or joggers. Over the weeks, you can monitor how long your exercise sessions have lasted; nothing is as exciting as watching your fitness level climb.

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