Gucci Watches

Gucci watches are world famous and sought after by men and women alike. They are in a niche all their own, as their Italian design and Swiss manufacturing make them beautiful and impressive, but their price range is more moderate than that of competitors like Corum or Raymond Weil. Gucci watches are sophisticated, contemporary pieces that are at home anywhere you may have occasion to go, from work to the symphony, vacation to a hot date.

Attractive and Practical Gucci Watches

While Gucci watches boast impressive and inimitable designs, they are still highly wearable. Sometimes, you might look at high fashion watches and think, "Six thousand dollars for something that I could only wear occasionally? No way!" With Gucci, however, you will be getting a watch that you'll be comfortable wearing all of the time.

Gucci's collections are numbered, and there is quite a great deal of variety. Women might particularly appreciate the 1500 series, which are petite, narrow watches with slim rectangular faces and thin bangles in attractive satin finished metals. The 1900 series features attractive square faces on narrow bracelets, also in gold plated and stainless steel varieties.

For men, the G-Rectangle 100 series is sexy and stylish, featuring Gucci's signature G in stainless steel as the case. There are a variety of band styles, from metal to alligator to rubber, so you can suit your taste, whether it's more sporty or businesslike. The 5505 series offers traditional watches with a metal bracelet and attractive analog faces, suitable for men of any age in any profession.

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