Gps Locator Watches
Gps Locator Watches

Gps Locator Watches

GPS locator watches are one of the greatest tools available for knowing where an Alzheimer’s patient or senior with any type of dementia is located. The worst fear and nightmare of the family of a dementia or Alzheimer’s patient is that they will wander off. In the middle to later stages of Alzheimer’s, patients with the ability to be mobile may have compromised ability to determine boundaries.

It only takes a few seconds for an Alzheimer’s patient to be out the door and gone. Caregivers will confirm that one of the hardest things to do in patient care is to keep a constant vigil on their every move. With the technology of GPS locator watches, the family and caregivers can have peace of mind knowing that if the loved one escapes their watchful eye, finding them is only a phone call or computer connection away.


Uses for GPS Locator Watches

You can locate your missing loved one by calling the phone number listed on your service when you subscribed, confirm your identification, and give the operator the number of the GPS locator watch you need to locate. They can give you the location within just a few feet. Another option is to use a computer with internet access, go to the subscribed website, enter the required information, and the computer will show a map of the missing loved one’s location within about one minute.

Another feature of the GPS locator watch is the capability for the wearer to summon help. If he or she is feeling threatened or becomes injured, all that is needed is to press the buttons for three seconds. A response team is immediately put into action. You can track your elderly loved ones to make sure they arrive at their destination. This is great peace of mind for family members of seniors who travel extensively.

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