Ebel Watch
Ebel Watch

Ebel watches have been around since 1911, though for several decades they were not exactly famous, but rather an intra-industry secret of sorts. A Swiss company offering pieces primarily classic or sporty in nature, Ebel won the acclaim of other designers long before their pieces caught on with the public. In recent years, however, Ebel has become a leading exporter of Swiss watches to the rest of the world.

The emphasis in Ebel watches is on style, durability, and quality. Less flashy than many of their counterparts, Ebel watches such as the sporty 1911 series or the simply elegant Classic Wave series are versatile and understated. Ebel does offer some watches more suited to pairing with formalwear, however, so if you want to explore the Ebel brand name, you should also peruse the Beluga and Sport collections, as well as several others.

Ebel Watches Fine and Unique Materials

In order to accent the perfect simplicity of their designs, Ebel watches use only the best materials. They are known particularly for their pure white mother-of-pearl, imported from Japan, which is used primarily on ladies’ watch faces. Ebel also uses world-class rare and fine leathers and skins for their bands. Particularly noteworthy is their use of crocodile skin.

Ebel offers both self-winding and quartz battery watches to appeal to a greater variety of customers. Ebel was bought by the Movado Group in 2004, so fine jewelry connoisseurs eagerly await the technical and stylistic advances which may benefit both brands. You also get a 3-year warranty. While pictures on the Internet can give you some idea of the attractive timepieces offered by Ebel, you really need to feel the weight of the watch on your wrist and see the details of its material and craftsmanship in person at a jeweler to appreciate fully the unique pieces.

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