Davosa Watch Review

Davosa Ternos Ceramic
Davosa Ternos Ceramic

Davosa is a Swiss watchmaker known for offering extensive collections of pilot and sports models.

The brand has been around for more than three decades though the original family business started back in 1883. They focus on luxury watches with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Davosa Ternos Ceramic is a highly popular diver’s watch from the company featuring an eye-catching design and outstanding performance features.

Let us dive deeper into the watch model to learn more about it.

Davosa Watch Review Ternos Ceramic – UPDATED 2022

Davosa’s diving collection aims to offer tough, reliable companions for divers and outdoor and water sports enthusiasts. With several sub-collections to choose from, the brand offers the best of precision and durability in its underwater watches.

Davosa Ternos watches are specially designed to help minimize the risks involved in this sport by resisting water pressure for maximum reliability in any situation.

The Ternos Ceramic watch has an impressive diver’s design with a ceramic uni-directional bezel that stands out and catches attention. It uses a Swiss ETA automatic movement with 25 jewels. The 2824-2 automatic movement is reliable and accurate and provides up to 42 hours of power reserve.

What sets this model apart is its attention to detail and quality that feels in every part of it.

The dial has a rich and glossy look that catches more attention as contrasted against the bezel. The Davosa Ternos Ceramic comes in a huge variety of options for men and women to choose from.

It has a stainless-steel construction, black dial, luminescent hands, high-visibility hour markers, and a date function.

The watch also features a sapphire crystal glass, a screw-down crown, and a case back with a 40mm case. It fastens on a solid steel bracelet with a fold-over clasp and comes with a diver’s extension to be worn with a wetsuit.

Davosa Watch Review – Are Davosa Watches Any Good

Davosa has been creating amazing timepieces that withstand the test of time. They often feature high-quality components like sapphire glass, Swiss automatic movements, and high water resistance ratings.

The Swiss-made watches are manufactured to the highest standards in watchmaking as stated by the family-run business’ website.

Davosa boasts an extensive collection of timepieces mainly focusing on the pilot and sports watches. It offers a wide range of pilot watches with modern features and vintage designs.

Then, there is a line of Performance models dedicated to those who need reliable watches for the outdoors. The Titanium collection features masculine, robust watches with lightweight and outstanding durability.

These watches not only serve the outdoors but also look great when paired with professional attire.

Though Davosa is not as respected as some other Swiss watchmakers, the watches from the brand get overall positive reviews by experts and aficionados alike. Several forums contain good feedback about the watches with users praising their ETA movements, designs and features, and the affordable pricing as compared to similar brands.

One of the most impressive things about Davosa is the comparatively affordable price tags. There are several watch models in the range of $700-$2000 to suit those who want something reliable at pocket-friendly prices.

Considering the fact that the company makes diving and mechanical watches that need durable movements and materials, the prices are relatively fair compared to some other Swiss brands. Davosa also has a good reputation for customer support and quality and a long history in watchmaking and is, therefore, a good watch brand for sure.

Davosa Watch Review Divers Watch

Davosa Ternos Ceramic Review
Davosa Ternos Ceramic Review

Davosa offers an impressive range of diver’s watches designed with attention to easy operability, water tightness, and readability. The Swiss manufacturer has introduced several collections in the diving category with some of the most reliable and precise pieces to choose from.

There is an Argonautic line of diver watches with anti-glare designed with a 15-minute scale on the bezel. These watches come with a Super-LumiNova luminous pigment for better readability underwater. They come in attractive styles and colors and can be worn comfortably on top of a wetsuit.

Another line in the diving collection from Davosa is the Apnea Diver introduced as a new benchmark in the world of diver’s timepieces. The watch model was developed in collaboration with Nik Linder so boasts all the features freedivers would demand.

The Ternos series is known for decades for the fail-proof ceramic bezel, anti-glare, scratch-proof sapphire crystal, and stainless-steel case. This line comes in three categories – classic, lady, and professional to suit users with varying requirements.

The Ternos Ceramic is a watertight professional instrument that allows divers to perform breathing exercises by extracting the case.

The Davosa Ternos Medium features all the classic features in different dimensions to suit narrow wrists.

The Professional collection comes with a helium escape valve for pressure equalization during extended diving sessions. It also has an impressive 500 meters water resistance for better reliability.

The diver’s watch collection from Davosa also includes some limited editions like the Argonautic Bronze TT, a successor to the original Argonautic with a complete bronze case. This model is limited to 300 pieces and comes with a two-tone design.

The Ternos Professional is also introduced in a limited-edition model which stands out for its satin finish across all the parts, from the dial and hands to the case. The Flawless Matt Finish edition is limited to 500 pieces.

Davosa Vs Steinhart – How They Compare?

Both Davosa and Steinhart are reputed watchmaking companies specializing in Swiss-made, ETA movement-powered, classic sport watches in pilot and diver styles. Both the brands offer the best in terms of quality and design and use automatic movements adjusted before finishing the watch. With big collections of durable, precise, stylish pieces across categories, no one of the two brands is better than the other.

However, Davosa and Steinhart have some differences in terms of style. The former seems to focus on a retro look for most of their models, particularly pivot watches though its mainstay is the Rolex submariner style diver which stands as a strict homage to the Rolex sub.

Steinhart, on the other hand, is a little more stylish and the design features are always somewhat Germanic. Moreover, the crystals on the Steinhart watches are more bulging and curved as compared to the flat Rolex raised submariner crystals.

Both the brands offer well-built, economical Swiss pieces of high quality and the choice between the two comes down to personal style preferences. However, Davosa sells some of its homage pieces in the range of $700-$1000 while Steinhart keeps them to about £500.

We hope this post helps you know Davosa better and guides your decision about the Davosa Ternos Ceramic. The independent Swiss brand may not be so famous as some others but has some of the most appealing models that will continue gaining popularity. If you have something to add to our Davosa watch review please comment.



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