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Corum Watch

Corum Watches

Corum watches are exciting, cutting-edge Swiss watches. Even the playful innovations from Chopard seem tame in comparison with the dynamic and daring offerings from Corum. These watches proudly proclaim their youth and uncompromising vision, without sacrificing the technical mastery of the finest Swiss designs.

If you are just curious about Corum watches, one of their most extreme designs can be found in the Rocket. The band of this watch is pink crocodile, the face is a whimsical and dramatic triangle, and the case is curved steel inset with glistening diamonds. At once girlish and audacious, this watch captures a dichotomy that makes it emblematic of a new generation of women, many of whom might enjoy wearing it–though others might just prefer to look, given the $10,000 price tag.

The Full Spectrum Of Corum Watches

If you like the colorful experiments of Corum but would like a watch that’s slightly more versatile than the Rocket, you might like the Sugar Cube or the Heart collections, which are also more modestly priced. The Sugar Cube collection is characterized by colorful square faces, simple bands in matching hues, and diamond framing accents. You could opt for the model with the more understated dark blue lizard strap and deep, cool blue face, or go to the opposite extreme with the sunshine yellow lizard strap and bright, shiny yellow face.

The trapezoidal faces of the Trapeze collection are also unique to Corum watches. If you don’t want the bright colors, but do want something unique and whimsical, this collection might be to you liking, with more conventional materials and metals. Gentlemen should also browse the Classical collection, if only for proof that Corum may be innovative and daring, but they are pushing the envelope from a position firmly grounded in the timeless techniques and styles that have made Swiss watches the global standard for greatness.

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