Casio Sea Pathfinder
Casio Sea Pathfinder

Casio Sea Pathfinder

A Casio Sea Pathfinder watch is a sailor’s best friend. That goes for divers, fishermen, and yacht racers, too. One of these on your wrist provides you with many of the instruments you will need, all in one stylish package.

Casio Sea Pathfinder Watches Have Triple Sensors

Casio Sea Pathfinder watches incorporate three miniature sensors, one for direction, one for pressure, and one for temperature. These sensors don’t just report conditions, but also record them and present them visually. The ebb and flow of tides and the phases of the moon, for instance, can be graphically displayed, allowing the user to chart the present and predict future conditions.

Some models of  Sea Pathfinder watches also have sensors for depth and water temperature. An infrared ray can measure an object’s surface temperature in approximately three seconds. For divers, there are also models with dive logs that automatically measure and store data for up to 20 dives. This data includes dive start and finish times, total dive time, and average water depth and temperature.

Casio Sea Pathfinder watches also have an auto-repeat timer, a stopwatch, and several other functions for yacht racing and other sea sports. The digital compass, barometer, and altimeter have oversized dedicated buttons for easy one-touch operation, and the large dual-layer LCD display makes it easy to read. All of these features, of course, are in addition to the accurate timekeeping for which Casio is known.

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