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Casio is one of the biggest and most trusted Japanese watchmakers in the world. The brand has, over the years, developed several new watches with exciting designs and innovative technologies while retaining some of its most-loved vintage pieces.

The MQ24 collection from the brand has several models to choose from. Today, we talk about the Casio MQ24 watch and take a closer look at its features and offerings to help buyers make an informed decision.

Casio MQ24 Review – UPDATED 2022

The MQ24 is one of the simplest watches from Casio and is made for those who value time more than luxury. It comes in several design options but most features are similar between these variants. It is an affordable model that offers everything you would want for regular casual use.


Case diameter – 35mm
Case lug width – 16mm
Case thickness – 8mm
Water-resistance – 30m
Weight – 18g
Case metal – resin
Movement – Casio 705
Crystal – acrylic
Accuracy – +/-20 seconds/month
Warranty – 1 year

Casio MQ24 Case and Dial

The watch is designed to be pretty simple but that is what it aims to be. The case is made out of durable resin material which makes it suitable for regular use. The casing is made up of plastic resin while the case back is steel. The dial is white with black numerals and hands making it easy to see the time.
The acrylic crystal is an affordable choice for the watch and scratches can be easily got rid of with the right technique.


The watch relies on a Japanese quartz movement, which is popular for its accuracy. Quartz movement is known for its reliability and accuracy as compared to other technologies. The watch has an accuracy of +/-20 seconds per month which is quite impressive. The benefit of this movement is the low maintenance requirement.


The watch feels slim and ideal size as it is aimed just at showing the time. It is quite lightweight at 18 grams. The dimensions of the case are 37.5 x 35 x 7.5mm. The 35mm diameter and 8mm thickness make it quite small and slim, suiting people with thinner wrists.


The MQ24 has a comfortable, stretchy band made out of resin which is both durable and strong. The width of the strap is 15mm and it comes with a standard buckle clasp for easy fastening.


The Casio MQ24 is an analog men’s watch with three hands. It is a user-friendly timepiece with a water-resistance rating, so there is no need to worry if water spills over it accidentally. It is water-resistant up to 30m and suits everyday splashes though not ideal for water activities like swimming and fishing.

Casio MQ24 Series

The MQ24 series from Casio is an ideal collection for those who want casual pieces for everyday use.

It belongs to the Classic line of watches with analog as well as digital models and is dedicated to simplicity. These are the most affordable and durable watches from the brand.

The MQ24 series comprises the MQ24-9B, MQ24-1E, and MQ24-7B2. All three watches have analog dials in casual style.

Though the brand sells several variants in the series, they share similar resin bands and cases. They have varying colors, numerals, and indices.

The watches are retro and timeless. They are designed to be water-resistant enough to suit daily use. All the models are sold in the range of $10-$22 and come with 3-year battery life and an accuracy of +/-20 seconds per month.

Casio MQ24 7B

The Casio MQ24-7B is one of the models from the classic MQ24 series. It has a basic design offered at an affordable price.

The dial has a high-visibility design with a white dial and black numerals and slim hands. The casing is constructed out of a plastic-resin blend and has a steel back.

An acrylic plastic glass protects the dial of the watch and gives it a more traditional look. It is a little smaller than most watches you see around.

The casing diameter is 35mm and the thickness is 8mm. This makes it a slim model suitable for users with small wrists.

The Casio MQ24 7B has a black rubber strap that is both durable and sturdy. It measures 15mm in width and comes fitted with a standard buckle style clasp.

It is designed to be easy to use and suits most people. It has a basic water resistance rating, making it ideal for everyday use.

It is not suitable for snorkeling, swimming, bathing, and water activities.

Casio MQ 24 Battery Replacement

The Casio MQ24 uses the SR621SW battery that has a life of about 2 years. Replacing the battery on this watch is pretty easy with the right tools.

You need a replacement battery and a small flathead jewelry screwdriver to replace the battery. First, keep the watch face down on a table to remove one of the straps to gain access to the back cover.

You can then remove the back cover, the gasket, and then slowly the battery. The battery is held by a small metal lever that you can press to release the battery.

Insert the new battery face up and reinsert the gasket and back cover. Finally, reinstall the strap, and you are done.

Casio MQ-24 Price

Casio watches are low-cost pieces known to offer quality and design features better than their peers in the market.

The MQ24 model is priced from £17.00 on the official website but is available at cheaper prices at Amazon and other online stores.

Most casual users find this a great value for money, considering the brand reputation and quality of performance it is known to offer.

Final Thoughts

The Casio MQ24 is a perfect watch for those who like Casio’s classic watch designs. There are no fancy features or high-end specifications, but the watch delivers much more than what you would expect at this price point.


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