Casio Edifice Watches

The Casio Edifice line is introduced as a continuation of the tradition while offering a combination of classy designs, tough materials, and outstanding features. Edifice watches are designed to keep up with their competitors in the market and are unbeatable for what they offer at the price point. Casio is a watchmaker known for producing timepieces that work in any scenario. 

Today, we review the Casio Edifice Solar watch from the Casio Edifice brand and take a look at some of the most loved models from the series.

Casio Edifice Solar

Casio Edifice Solar
Casio Edifice Solar

Casio Edifice has been recognized as a technological flagship and the leader in multifunctional chronographs. All the watches in this series are constructed out of robust yet comfortable materials to deliver a sleek and appealing look. The collections of analog watches feature mechanisms that excel as compared to any other quartz watch.

The Casio Men’s Edifice Chronograph watch has a classic appearance and cutting-edge mechanism for precision, making it ideal for business and formal events. It also has a water-resistance rating of up to 100m and can be worn comfortably even during water-based activities.

The series is known for its Tough Solar technology feature. These watches have tiny solar cells integrated into the face design, that capture sunlight and other lights and convert them into energy. This innovative technology makes sure the watch always has enough power available to support its multitude of functions.

Casio Edifice Black and Gold Watch

Casio Edifice series offers a variety of sleek styles in classic colour options. The black and gold watch from this collection, the EQS 900CL-1AV is a stainless-steel quartz model with a black leather strap. It has a case diameter of 47.6mm and is water-resistant.

The self-charging Edifice model eliminates any need for battery changes through its Solar technology. The solid stainless-steel case with mineral glass has a luxurious appearance with gold numerals and hands.
Here are some of the most amazing features found in Casio Edifice watch models.

Tough MovementThis feature adds a special touch to the Casio Edifice collection. The Tough Movement technology repositions the hands of the watch automatically in case they get out of alignment. This system keeps a check on the hands to make sure they are always positioned correctly.

These watches also boast an automatic time calibration feature. This system works on radio waves from multiple transmitters across the globe to perform automated time calibration. The transmitters are positioned in Japan, UK, China, the US, and Germany to make sure travelers don’t experience any time errors in their watches.

Dial Detailing

Casio Edifice uses a multi-level dial with plenty of detailing. A lume placed on hour marks and hands adds convenience. The indexes, reference points, markers, and notations all boast spectacular detailing that gives this series an edge over others.

Hybrid Mounting

Each watch component is designed and assembled with great attention and detail to result in a structure with excellent shock resistance capabilities. Hybrid mount construction provides assurance to the user that the watch will resist any deflection or shifting if dropped by mistake.

Motor Drive Mechanism

The Casio team puts together a smart mechanism where different motors control different features of the watch for proper timekeeping. The chronograph second hand and primary second hand are controlled by a motor while another motor drives the minute and hour hands and 24-hour display. The day display and 1/20th of the second indicator are guided by a third motor and the fourth motor controls alarm, timer, and local time. The last motor takes care of the date display.

Casio Edifice Solar With Bluetooth – What You Should Know?

The Casio Edifice series introduces a new line of chronograph models with a Bluetooth Smartphone Link feature. With this module, an Accurate Time System automatically connects the watch to the smartphone through a Bluetooth connection four times a day to update the current time settings.

A dedicated smartphone app lets you select from about 300 time zones and the dial at 9’o clock shows the current time in the selected zone. There is also a sub-dial showing 24-hour time. The Dual Dial World Time always keeps you on time wherever you are, making the watch an ideal pick for those who tend to travel across countries.

Features such as this and others are kept operating by the Tough Solar technology that keeps the watch charged even from the smallest lights. With a single charge, the watch can run for about five months without any exposure to light. If kept disconnected from a phone, it performs with an accuracy of about +/-15 seconds per month.

Casio Edifice Solar Bluetooth EQB 501XDB 1A Review

The EQB 501XDB 1A is a chronograph men’s watch from the Casio Edifice series. It is a sleek model with six hands on the dial. What makes it stand out from others is the fact that it packs some serious Bluetooth functionality beneath its appealing exterior.

The case which measures 48.1mm across is made out of sturdy stainless-steel material and weighs about 200g. Packed inside the professional-quality housing is the Tough Solar power system that charges by any type of light. The thickness of the case is 15mm which is slim enough for holding the multi-hand analog chronograph and other functionality.

This watch offers a mobile link feature that works on Bluetooth technology and allows pairing it to a mobile phone with a Casio app installed on it. You can then control and operate the watch from the paired phone. It also boasts a dual-time feature, a daily alarm, 3-handed time display, and 24-hour indicator.

How Much Is A Casio Edifice Watch?

When it comes to pricing, watches generally follow a particular trend and the Casio Edifice is no exception. There are several factors that come into play when determining the price of an Edifice watch. A Casio Edifice watch generally costs anywhere between $77 and $350, which is quite affordable looking at the quality and features.

As the Edifice is a more established series, the watches are priced higher as compared to others from the brand. For example, the EQB1000D-1A Edifice watch has a retail price of $300. The market value of the Casio Edifice watch range is particularly high because of the brand’s association with top celebrities.

Final Thoughts

The Casio Edifice brand has set its foot firmly in the watch industry and continues living up to its mark with state-of-the-art design, features, and technology. These timepieces are ideal for those who want a smart dress watch that helps transition smoothly from professional to weekend moods.

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