Bvlgari Watches

Bvlgari watches are masterpieces of design–both aesthetic and mechanical. Bvlgari has been a leading name in watches since the 1940s, and it is the combination of form, design, feel, and color which has kept the Italian design house at the top of their field. While some designers are constantly making bold innovations and others are firmly grounded in the classics, Bvlgari watches are an artful mix of classicism and modern style.

Bvlgari Watches Are Known for Wonderful Color Combinations

Many women, in particular, are entranced by Bvlgari's use of color. This is where Bvlgari watches are most likely to get playful. In the 1 line, for example, there are a range of watches, some of which are understated, but others are dramatic and eye-catching.

Within this single collection, one of the watches is a demure stainless steel bangle with a delicate narrow band and case and a tasteful black dial. Several are different colors like lilac, red, or orange; their faces are still relatively simple, and these bright colors define the watches' character. At the extreme end, however, color and style explode in a watch such as the 1 cuff watches. Their wide cuff bands are a combination of leather and fabric in bold colors like red and pink, but nestled in the focal position are stainless steel cases around watch faces which are pure Bvlgari classic sport.

Of course if you want a more refined watch, Bvlgari can provide the epitome of class and elegance to wear to work or a formal occasion. The Chrono collection for men is one of the standards in gentlemen's watches, with solid, heavy, masculine pieces, some of which feature several dramatically set chronographs, and others which boast exciting combinations of metals. The Diagono Professional and Diagono Sport collections are also must-sees for any man interested in buying a Bvlgair watch–they are timeless, versatile, and offer variations to suit every taste.

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