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Bedat Watch

Bedat Watches

Bedat watches have only been around since 1996, which makes them one of the youngest companies to have achieved international acclaim at the level they have. While not yet giants in the industry, they are making a name for themselves as impeccably made watches in the great Swiss tradition. Lovers of world-class personal timepieces expect that Bedat will only continue to improve and that investment in a watch by this new company will prove as rewarding as one in designers like Omega and Chopard.

Elegant Bedat Watches

Like Chanel’s elegant perfumes, Bedat watches come in numbered collections. Numbers 1, 3, 7, and 8 are the ones that have garnered the most attention worldwide. The stunning faces and case shapes and designs combine with some of the unusual materials used to make watches desired by people who want their accessories to make a statement about their tasteful and adventurous personal style.

Some of the most intriguing Bedat watches feature bands of hand-stitched stingray. The texture and finish of this material are truly unique, but the luster is exquisite when paired with gold, platinum, or stainless steel. If this is a little too exotic for you, Bedat offers many of the same designs with more traditional alligator bands.

The No. 7 collections are characterized by elegant rectangular cases and sapphire crystals. However, within this collection, there is a tremendous amount of variety–from the boardroom masterpiece steel and brown fully padded hand-stitched alligator watch to the ladies’ watch, which features a satin band and 14 princesses cut pink sapphire and 129 diamonds set in the case. If you have been looking at watches by Bvlgari, Chopard, Tag Heuer, Corum, or some of the other big names, you should certainly acquaint yourself with Bedat’s exquisite collections before making your choice.

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