Accutron Watches

Accutron watches, developed by the Bulova Corporation, presented the first breakthrough in timekeeping technology in more than 300 years. Beginning in 1952, Bulova created a fully electronic timepiece that would remain accurate to within two seconds a day. The watch was presented to the public in 1960, and was soon adopted by railroads, NASA and the U.S. military.

In 1969, Accutron watches went to the moon with Apollo 11. When Skylab was launched in 1973, three Accutron clocks were on board. Accutron watches became the official timepieces of Air Force One, the official presidential gift of state and the official supplier of the 1987 Olympics.

Accutron watches didn't run on springs as other watches did, but instead were regulated by an electronically activated tuning fork. Today a quartz movement is the standard, and there are 16 styles of Accutron watches, most of them available in both men's and women's models. Each of those styles, in turn, is available in several variations, giving you a wide range of choices.


Accutron Watches Are Available Online

Many websites are currently selling the newest models of Accutron quartz watches. In addition, there is a brisk collector's market for the older tuning-fork models. Whether you want the most fashion-forward style and newest technology or the charm of an older era, you can find what you're looking for with a quick search of the Net.

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