Accusplit Stopwatches

Accusplit stopwatches have been a top industry player since 1971! These top-of-the-line watches offer quality performance for professional-level swim meets and training, track and field events, and horse racing. Known for their accuracy and full-featured designs, Accusplit stopwatches are among the elite of sport watches.

The Pro Survivor comes in six colors: black, smoke, aqua, cherry, lemon, lime. Style matches performance in these watches; they have cumulative split and split release action, and record a one-two fast finish. They give the date, time of day, and have other features that make them rugged for outdoor use. Perhaps most important–they have a no-fail switch.


Accusplit Stopwatches Are Reliable

Another colorful series is the Survivor II, which comes in smoke, aqua, cherry, lemon, and lime. This shares the features of the Pro Survivor; they both have five-year warranties, are splash resistant, and -halfare water resistant up to 30 feet. They also both have a one-and-a-year battery and a large LC display for easy reading during the action.

Because this company stakes its reputation largely on its stopwatches and pedometers, these products are made with user-friendly features. Beginners in any field–walkers, runners, sprinters–can easily use these devices in the development of their fitness programs. Accusplit stopwatches are used by coaches, trainers, and trainees to improve their performance literally to the split second.


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