Tony Roy Noris is a 35-year-old semi-professional sports person who enjoys photography and badminton. He is also a watch collector. He is entertaining and caring, but can also be very boring and a bit moody.

He is an American who defines himself as straight. He finished school and then left academia.

Physically, Tony is in pretty good shape. He is average-height with olive skin, black hair and black eyes.

He grew up in a middle class neighbourhood. He was raised by his mother, his father having left when he was young.

He is currently single. His most recent romance was with a student called Eddie Keegan Cook, who was the same age as him. They broke up because Eddie wanted somebody more ‘badass’.

Tony’s best friend is a semi-professional sports person called Joshua Zhang. They are inseparable. He also hangs around with Mack Li and Britney Bell. They enjoy listening to music together.