OTOORO.com14k gold watches, once a luxury reserved for the rich and famous, continue to be a sign of elegance and taste. After all, nothing says “chic” like a gentleman or lady who tops off his/her look with a top quality gold watch. If you want to command attention, consider adding one of these beauties to your wardrobe–it won’t go unnoticed!


Popular 14k Gold Watches

If you plan on browsing 14k gold watches, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the plethora of options available. You’ll find that certain name brands continue to receive a lot of attention (i.e. Rolex, Tag Heuer, etc.) but they have the price tag to match. One way to approach the gold watch market is to consider other well respected but less expensive brands.

For example, each of the following companies offer high-end but reasonably priced 14k gold watches: Bulova, Charles Hubert, Invicta, Jules Jurgenson, and Lancaster. These brands specialize in expertly crafted and beautifully designed watches, but they won’t over-charge you. You’ll get a quality watch without having to pay for the Rolex or Tag Heuer name.

Don’t be surprised, however, if the aforementioned 14k gold watches aren’t cheap. Since the companies listed above were cited for their expert craftsmanship and quality materials, their watches will still cost you a pretty penny. If a dirt-cheap price is your aim, you’ll want to look elsewhere, but don’t expect to find any watches of high quality–the more you skimp, the poorer quality the watch will be.

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